Thursday, 13 September 2012

Staying healthy on Hamilton Island

Staying Healthy on Hamilton Island.

I know what your all thinking, You live on a beautiful tropical island, getting out side and being fit must be SO easy! I mean, don't get me wrong... it does have it's perks. Like the amazing sun sets and sun rises, the lack of traffic or traffic lights, the amazing views, the hard core hills and the amazingly fresh air.
( that peak in the back ground is Passage peak... just walking it and back burns 1000 cal)

 This is where I work. Spa Qualia, voted best spa in Australia! Lucky me. I have an active work life massaging all day. I wore my HRM during a massage and discovered that I burn 200 calories per hour of massage.

But I must say.. I LOVE my office!
But let me tell you some of the harder things to over come, the fact I work till 6 or 7pm 5 nights a week and miss the beautiful sun sets, the fact that everyone here is on holiday (people on holidays always indulge and every morning the smell of bacon drifts all over the island), and the hills... I know they are good for me too but dam, they are soo hard and knowing I have to face them when I run out the door makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry. I guess the hardest thing about living on the island is that I can't get groceries here, we have to do online shopping and have them delivered on my days off, but often not all ingredients are delivered. So that makes the recipes hard to do when missing main ingredients.

And one more hard thing.. the bugs... I can't count how many have flown into my mouth ... or my eyes while running... pretty gross... wanted to throw up a lot. hahaha

Until later my bloggies :)

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